Protest your ban here, even if you think it was a bug.
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Well Hello Kigen! I really want to explain my ban! Full definition. Well, I want to tell you that on my account QsuT_Clan, I didnt have access to it through out last years summer, I lost access because I let my friend use my account so he can download some games, and he moved so he changed all the login info, I honeslty dont know what he did on that account. And on the ddos threats, I said this "Hg got Ddosed, Ha" Like I honestly didnt know that things changed that bad.. I remember everyone used to make jokes of the server getting ddosed, but look im going to be straight up, Im not looking for a refund, or to remove my ban , I was perma banned.. I honestly dont believe that I should be permabanned.. At least like 6months-1 year, And the Ddos threats was my brother, I am not the only person that person that plays on HG in my house, He has the username FriedRouter, I honestly believe I deserve a shorter ban.. Thanks

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Re: Unbanned?

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Your account, your responsibility.

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