I think it is bug ?

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I think it is bug ?

Post by Brutal »

I was playing on a kac protected server and i just got kicked and when i tried to enter server again it said that i m banned from that server...so 1. i asked server admin why am i banned and he said that i m not banned O.o than i saw some guy posting topic on server forum about some bug on kac that can be solved...now when i checked my steam id if it is banned by kac it said that i m not, but there is no other way i could be banned ?! So could it be a bug or something ?
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Re: I think it is bug ?

Post by Kigen »

I'd have to have the server's logs to know what happened. Your description is very vague. For all I know the reason why you were kicked from that particular server is because it was trying to use KAC on a non-Steam server (as KAC bans all non-Steam "IDs").
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