Protest your ban here, even if you think it was a bug.
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Dear Kigen's Anti-Cheat Support,

This system is wonderful and it is helping people of the community detect cheaters.
While trying to join my old times favorite server, i noticed that i was banned from KAC: Disconnect exploit, Invoked on Sun 16.05.2010
Why? I think i know why, i was using LSS back in the time for his fun fuctions that i didn't know it was a cheat to have it.
I regret to use it, but while my activity on Counter-Strike: Source i don't put myself in the category of cheaters.
Playing in lan's and competive gaming i hated cheaters because of there abuse on the game and making it unfair for other gamers.
I would like to ask your support for unbanning me of KAC and if you don't, i understand. I used LSS and it is my fault of using it.
My steam Id is ; STEAM_0:0:21979314

While being inactive from the monthy Juin for 2years i come back today to ask your help. I found this on your forums;
People caught using LSS between March 20th, 2010 through March 30th, 2010 will be unbanned from the global banlist.
Source: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=468

Thanks for your support,
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Re: Antiban

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You are not on the global banlist. That ban is most likely local and you will have to appeal to the administrators of that server.

- Kigen