Ban appeal.

Protest your ban here, even if you think it was a bug.
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Ban appeal.

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Hello, STEAM_0:1:21045151 here. So i realize this is pretty much pointless to post here when i looked over a few other appeals and how they were handeled.. but whatever. I don't remember how long ago exactly this was, probably like a couple years or something but I was banned for some stuff i was doing on a couple of dead servers that had no people on 'em ever. And i can see where I should get some sort of punishment.. but seriously.. banned from all of the KAC secured servers forever? just because of some stuff that happened ages ago? I protest that this policy should be overlooked and the victim should be put on a trial of some sorts to prove that they wouldn't do that sort of thing again. To be honest, I just want to play some surf and some zombie escape every like once a month when i get bored. But i realize that's probably not going to be able to happen.

Thank you for you precious time.
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Re: Ban appeal.

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The easy way to continue to play on secure servers is to get a new Steam account. I'm using the same policy VALVe does for cheating bans with the exception that bans are universal across all games.

Your ban was for using LSS. It falls under the policy linked below.


The timelimit has passed by 3 years almost. Sorry, but this won't be unbanned.