This anti-cheat is a joke.

Protest your ban here, even if you think it was a bug.
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This anti-cheat is a joke.

Post by Eminence » Fri Mar 16, 2012 8:20 pm

Inb4 lolumad? Yeah you're anti cheat is accusing me of cheating when I've never even cheated in any source game ever, any steam game for that fact, unless sv_cheats to 1 on a local server (which it shouldn't.) Just because I get a kill through a flash and get lucky and some admin decides to ban me, i have to be globally banned from a local ban and can't play any f**king server in source, this anti-cheat is trash saying legit people have valid hacks, fix your sh*tty system, go ahead and ban this account cause I won't be checking back anyway, change your motto to "The false-positive sh1tty anti-cheat." I don't need to play in your sh1tty source pubs anyway, scrubs.

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Re: This anti-cheat is a joke.

Post by nightrider » Fri Mar 16, 2012 10:43 pm

Your funny as you did cheat.

KAC bans that are added to the Global ban list are only from trusted servers that are very few.
Your previous protest showed valid information on a KAC ban.

Invoked on 10-04-08 18:26
Reason Cheating. KAC ID:5.15

5.x - Failure to match server replicated convar.
is when the convar and the value provided by the client does not match the servers.
This will pretty much just be replicated convars that should, on normal clients, always match the server's copy.
Illegitimate clients (cheaters) will generally either reply with the convars default value
or with the values modified beyond what they should be. (sv_cheats 1, sv_consistency 0, etc.)

15 "sv_consistency"

Oh and yes as you have suspected your account is now banned.
This statement is available so others may read.

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Re: This anti-cheat is a joke.

Post by Kigen » Mon Mar 19, 2012 1:05 pm

The system is automated.

Someone used your account to cheat on a trusted server back in 2008.