Unban Protest

Protest your ban here, even if you think it was a bug.
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Unban Protest

Post by angus0817 » Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:02 pm

Steam Id: STEAM_0:0:15743845

I have no idea how I got banned, I never used any hacks at all and played fairly.

Today I launched Garry's mod and tried to get in my favorite server, then a message suddenly popped out saying : "You are listed on the KAC Global Ban List. Check www.kigenac.com for more info."

So I came as soon as possible to protest my ban. Please unban me or tell me a reason why I got banned when I never even used any hacks at all in gmod.

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Re: Unban Protest

Post by nightrider » Tue Jan 24, 2012 5:23 pm


Checking 'STEAM_0:0:15743845'...
Steam ID is on the banlist.

You may have not used any hack is Gmod, however you have used some form of cheat on a Source game.
The KAC system that is installed on the server you are trying to access is checking against the KAC global ban list.
Your Stem id is on the KAC global ban list and therefore you are banned from that server.

Your Steam community profle also shows VAC ban on record


Vacbanned.com also shows you banned

Invoked on 11/28/09 04:53
Reason KAC: ConVar sv_consistency violation

I would say it's an open and shut case

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