Ban & Kick log

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Ban & Kick log

Post by OldTimmer » Thu Oct 29, 2009 10:24 pm

I didn't see anywhere on the forum a separate Ban & Kick log.
It can be time consuming to look threw log files to find a ban or kick.
When the Ban or Kick command is activated it would be nice for the Name, SteamID and reason
could be written to a separate file.
Maybe this is already done and I have over looked it.
I am installing this plugin.

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Re: Ban & Kick log

Post by Kigen » Fri Oct 30, 2009 6:36 am


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Re: Ban & Kick log

Post by paulijh » Fri Oct 30, 2009 7:09 am

I think the suggestion was to separate KAC.log to two separate files - KAC_ban.log and KAC_kick.log

For me this sounds an excellent idea. :D

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