CVAR List(Please Kigen Look)

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CVAR List(Please Kigen Look)

Post by Batman » Tue Jun 22, 2010 7:31 am

I have attempted to document the CVAR list that KAC uses, and why it bans players. Can you please proofread and see if I made any errors, and/or omissions.

Code: Select all

0penscript,BAN (Scripting)
bat_version,  KICK (Crashing)
beetlesmod_version,   KICK (Crashing) 
est_version,  KICK (Crashing)
eventscripts_ver,  KICK (Crashing)
lua_open,BAN (Scripting)
Lua-Engine, BAN (Scripting)
mani_admin_plugin_version,  KICK (Crashing)
ManiAdminHacker,BAN (Admin Hack)
ManiAdminTakeOver,BAN (Admin Hack)
metamod_version,  KICK (Crashing)
openscript,BAN (Scripting)
openscript_version,BAN (Scripting)
runnscript,BAN (Scripting)
SmAdminTakeover,  BAN (Admin Hack)
sourcemod_version,  KICK (Crashing)
zb_version,  KICK (Crashing)
sensitivity,  KICK (CS:S Exploit)
sv_cheats,  BAN (Hacking)
sv_consistency,  BAN (NoFlash Hack, Bypassing consistency check for critical files) 
sv_gravity,  BAN (Changing gravity)
r_drawothermodels,  BAN (Wireframe wallhack)
cl_clock_correction,  BAN (Speedhack, Lag)
cl_leveloverview,  BAN (ESP Hack/Radar Hack)
cl_overdraw_test,  BAN (Changelevel Exploit)
cl_particles_show_bbox,  BAN (Wallhack)
cl_phys_timescale,  BAN (Speed Hack)
cl_showevents,  BAN (Unknown)
fog_enable,  KICK (Unknown) 
fog_enable,  BAN (Unknown)
host_timescale,  BAN (Speedhack)
mat_dxlevel, KICK (Crash)
mat_fillrate,  BAN (Wallhack)
mat_measurefillrate,BAN (Wallhack)
mat_proxy,  BAN (Wallhack)
mat_showlowresimage, BAN (Wallhack)
mat_wireframe,  BAN (Wallhack)
mem_force_flush,  BAN (Wallhack)
snd_show,  BAN (Sound and Event Hack)
snd_visualize,  BAN (NoRain)
r_aspectratio,  BAN (Wallhack)
r_colorstaticprops,  BAN (Wallhack)
r_DispWalkable,  BAN (Wallhack)
r_DrawBeams,  BAN (Wallhack)
r_drawbrushmodels,  BAN (Wallhack)
r_drawclipbrushes,  BAN (Wallhack)
r_drawdecals,  BAN (Wallhack)
r_drawentities,  BAN (Wallhack)
r_drawmodelstatsoverlay,BAN (Wallhack)
r_drawopaqueworld,  BAN (Wallhack)
r_drawparticles,  BAN (No Smoke)
r_drawrenderboxes,  BAN (Wallhack)
r_drawskybox, BAN (Remove Sky)
r_drawtranslucentworld,  BAN (Wallhack)
r_shadowwireframe,  BAN (Wallhack)
r_skybox,  BAN (Remove Sky)
r_visocclusion,  BAN (Wallhack)
vcollide_wireframe,  BAN(Wallhack)

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