KAC is crap? or the KAC ADMINS are GOD?

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KAC is crap? or the KAC ADMINS are GOD?

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Sorry for my bad english and i start this Threat not will im BANNED on KAC. I only find it intresting thas a Protest is clost when 1 admin or GM what els say sorry you have bie on the blacklist and jah thats aginst you Kigen's some time it can happend that an Steam Acc is hackt and banned becaus an Hacker cheats on KAC VAC whath ever protektet servers only just 4 fun. and if the Real owner gets his Acc back he has the Banns an cann buy a new game for mutch monny. but some times it cann be thats the great KAC plug in failt and banned peopel the have do nothing on ther cfg file but you great plug in means oh "sv_cheats 1" mhh that must be an Cheater but Fail it is an standart configuration vrom Valve. buts thatn here an now not the Point of view.. But you ar the point of me view now becaus it can be that i has writen something to the answer from the GM to my Protest. and ok im be Banned on your glory great wonderfull Plug in ant may be i have never find it out if i wouldn't include it on one of my servers. MMMhhhhhh but the kind you deal with your Costumers that isnt god and now you can do whith my Threat hier waht ever you will but i hope mutch people read it befor it will be deletet ant the part for you get serious and handle the folk fair.

greatz Arbeiter
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Re: KAC is crap? or the KAC ADMINS are GOD?

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sv_cheats is a replicated convar that is controlled by the server. KAC looks at replicated convars to detect to see if they match the server's version.

The KAC ban is valid. There isn't any way for me to tell who was sitting behind the computer when the cheating occurred. As such, your account is your responsibility.

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