Question about kac_addcvar & kac_addcmd

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Question about kac_addcvar & kac_addcmd

Post by needarideyo »

I just got KAC set up on my server, and I had a question about kac_addcvar and kac_addcmd.

For kac_addcvar, this confuses me: <cvar name> <comparison type> <action> <value> <value2 if bound>.

Can someone give me an example of how to properly add data to this command, using....let's say sv_cheats as an example?

As for kac_addcmd, what commands should I add? What do you guys normally add to prevent cheating? Is there a nice list of commands that every server should add?

Any help and/or information would be greatly appreciated :D
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Re: Question about kac_addcvar & kac_addcmd

Post by coach »

Here is an example of one that I use:

kac_addcvar cl_interp less kick 0.1

What this basically does is limits people's lerp to the max when stock of 100. Anyone with a lerp above 100 would be kicked from the server.
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