KAC on Nuclear Dawn?

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KAC on Nuclear Dawn?

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Has anyone tried running Kigen Anti-cheat on Nuclear Dawn yet? Sourcemod works fine as do some mods, but I don't know if KAC would incorrectly ban someone on ND based upon how the game works. In particular, the game has the equivalent of what I think is called an ESP hack. When you site someone with your rifle, they get a symbol above their head indicating what team they're on. Even when they move to a position that *should* obscure them, the symbol remains visible (not sure if that's a bug or feature). Thus, if someone sees you and you move behind a wall, there will still be a symbol above your head - essentially the game is akin to having built in Wall Hacks. Also, if you build radar, this aspect seem to become even more pronounced.

Sorry for the long post, but I want to be careful before adding KAC to my ND servers as I wouldn't want someone illegitimately band; however, there are, sadly, aimbots and speed hacks now (user put up a 10 minute long demo along with ban request wherein it was really obvious and the hacker went 115 and 7 - which is practically impossible as an Exo class in this game).

So, thoughts, answers?

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Re: KAC on Nuclear Dawn?

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I don't have the game myself so I cannot verify at this time.
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